Structural Engineering

Your Trusted Structural Engineering Partners

DOTec Engineering has comprehensive knowledge of local regulations and requirements, DOTec Engineering helps expedite the permit approval process at statewide, municipal, and local level which helps our clients complete their projects on time and within budget.

30 Years of Experience

Single, Multi-Story Modular Structures
Storm Shelters - ICC 500
Solar Roof and Ground Mount Panels
Steel, Wood, Concrete, CMU Engineering
Storage Rack Analysis
Structural Assessment of Existing Buildings
Rooftop Unit Replacement Analysis
Elevated Concrete Slabs

Registered is the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe

Tank/Silo/Bin Foundations
Truck & Rail Unload Pits
Pier, Piles & Anchor Design/Analysis
Monorail/Hoist Systems
Fall Protection Structures
Emergency Access & Egress

Better, Smarter Structural Engineering

We use our experience with multiple codes and education in order to provide our clients with the appropriate design. We can help with steel, aluminum, wood, masonry and reinforced concrete structures.

Our engineers have advanced education in Structures, Mechanical and Electrical engineering. Most engineers possess Master and Doctorate level degrees in Structures, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

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