We support solar companies and promote the utilization of renewable energy.

Energy systems are becoming increasingly interconnected and complex. Integratedenergy systems present opportunities for performance improvement . At DOTec we are professionals at:

• Solar PV; Both ground mount or roof mount
• Energy Audits
• Lighting evaluations and analysis
• High efficiency HVAC
• Building Envelope
• Energy Rebates


We personalize industrial projects to fit your needs.

Industrial and commercial companies must ensure the efficient production of quality products to stay competitive. Here at DOTec, we help you optimize your processes through our wide variety of services, which include:

• Water Facilities
• Transportation
• Farming
• Chemicals

• Steel
• Brewing and Beverages
• Telecommunications


When it comes to homes, leave it to someone you trust.

Our priority is to help households accomplish their goals and finish their projects. Dotec is a certified Home Advisor engineering agent for the Metro St. Louis area and will provide thorough site survey inspections with P.E. sealed summary letters, if required. Besides, we provide services for additions and modifications such as:

• Decks
• Pools
• Fences

• Roofing
• Energy Audits
• 3D Modeling


We provide accurate and reliable services so you can move forward with your commercial projects.

We make sure to provde high quality services so your commercial project stays on track. At DOTec we provide services that include:

• Steel Structures
• Manufacturing
• Commercial Buildings
• Greenhouses

• Sign Boards
• Billboards
• Medical and Scientific • Laboratories

We deliver professional service, on time and with the quality you expect.

We make sure your project is compliant to regulations and codes.

We provide the best customized engineering solutions to ensure customer satisfaction.