DOTec Engineering
Since 1991, clients from Industries in the Midwest rely on the expertise of DOTec Corp for the supply of Engineering Services. Utilizing design, and analysis techniques, as well as state-of-the-art testing technology through the use of independent laboratories, DOTec Engineering serve different companies from a variety of market segments who require special, in-depth technical knowledge and proven performance in stress and failure analysis, solid mechanics and structural design, reliability and predictive engineering, heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics, legal forensics and material science. Our aim is to help you build profitable products, structures, machines and processes at low cycle time and high margins of profit.

  • At DOTec Engineering, we aim at helping our industrial and construction clients to clients gain market share. For our legal clients our goals is to solve their most challenging technical, design and engineering forensic problems. In fulfilling this mission, we are committed to the following principles:
  • Excellence in the practice of engineering by adhering to the engineering code of ethics and a commitment to follow the governing codes of the industries we serve.
  • Serving industries in different market segments as well as clients we are qualified to serve and aiming to solve the most difficult and challenging engineering problems.
  • Continue the process of learning and the application of state of the art know how in stress analysis, design, testing standards. Will focus in areas of Structural Engineering, Solid Mechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer, in order to expertise in fields that promise long-term opportunity to support emerging client interests.
  • We are committed to maintain honest and open communication with clients, suppliers and workers, and to foster a climate of cooperation and collaboration in our business relationships.
  • We strive for continuous in house self-improvement we will provide an environment conductive to great career opportunities for technical and non-technical employees.
  • DOTec Engineering is committed to the personal welfare and financial success of our employees and their families, and seek to rewards contributing employees through highly competitive compensation packages and incentives designed to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of our firm.


Primary Goals:
Taking on problems requiring excellence in Engineering thru the use of state-of-the-Art know-how in advanced technologies  is our primary focus as we continue to gain market share.

  • DOTec will develop processes and procedures in accordance to the most advanced strict and rigorous protocols in order to ensure the proper use of industry standards and codes. Every effort will be directed in order to provide clients with quality products,
  • To our legal clients we will aim at providing accurate failure diagnostics, reliable recommendations, and complete third party testing services.

Equipped to Solve Real Problems:

DOTec Engineering applies industry mandated codes in a rigorous manner combined with basic engineering methods, new technologies and innovative applications to help our clients solve problems, develop solutions and answer challenging questions. DOTec provides academic answers to real-world solution. We have in house quality procedures, we implement project management techniques  to ensure that progress is being made as planned and that we are making efficient use of the client's resources.

DOTec is committed to honor confidentiality in every project we handle, and we take all possible measures to hold our clients and their projects in the strictest of ethical confidence. All DOTec Engineering facilities have state of the art capability to perform solid modeling, dynamic simulations, finite element analysis, 2D and 3D CAD modeling as well as Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Market Segments:

Some of our Product Development services include:

DOTec Engineering supports project managers, plant engineers, maintenance managers, developers, and manufacturers in a score of industries and applications including:

Consumer goods
Insurance Companies
Inspections Commercial/Residential
Petroleum, Gasoline/Gases etc
Law Firms
Off shore